Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you and your family as healthy as they should be? Is there asthma or other another breathing issue in your family? One of the problems might be some of you cleaning products. According the the President's Toxic Substance Committee, 90% of all Cancers are triggered by the toxins in your home enviornment. According to studies, cleaning products can increase the risk of developing asthma by nearly 50%. Those products may be a direct cause of asthma, or may simply trigger symptoms in people with athsma.

There are alternatives. You can buy safe products in the grocery stores, health food stores or there are some catalog companies with safe ingrediates. Check out your choices, Some are more expensive than the barnd names but I have founds one company that has safer alternatives that work as well or better than the regular name brands, but are less expensive and they are shipped to my door.

Gail Malkiewicz